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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly....AND the Good

Well, I've had some good things happen to me, some bad ones and uh some down right ugly things.

The Good

Lets start with the good things. My squat has been increasing rapidly, which is awesome. I got 285lbs for 9 reps two leg workouts ago. My personal best was 295lbs for 6 reps way back in April of 2009 (pre knee surgery). Other personal best I've broken are the dumbbell flat benchmark press; I got 7, 7, and 6 reps @ 85lb dumbbells in each hand last chest day. Another two personal bests I've broken are weighted pull ups and lat pull downs: 9 reps @ an extra 45lbs ans 12 reps @ 225lbs respectively. So I am extremely happy with my progress in the strength area. The new PR's in the DB bench and pull downs/ups tell me tell me my shoulders are doing well. They are the one part of my body that worries me at times (no not even my ACL surgically repaired knee worries me more). Hopefully I continue to move a long and get stronger in every area.

The Bad and the Ugly

So two Sundays ago I dislocated my second digit toe on my right foot. Yes it was ugly and the bad was I took about a week off from lifting with my legs which set me back a tad. I also only got one upper body session in that week. For one measly toe I screwed up a whole week's worth of workouts. It happened when I was doing self defense training against an opponent armed with a long weapon, such as a stick or a bat. Being that I train self defense in real speed I'm surprised worse hasn't happened. But, anyway my partner tried to swing overhand and I moved out of the way, he tried to recover, spin and strike again which was a perfect time to close the distance and disarm him. The problem was he spun, I closed the distance and his foot met my toe in that perfect way to pop that sucker out real good.

But...Back to the Good

Last Friday I met with the doc who performed the surgery on my knee piece to have that and the toe checked out. The toe was healing nicely. After examining both the toe and knee he cleared me 100% for both. Which was awesome. Now I'm free from the chains of wearing that fugly annoying brace and I only had a downtime of 4 days for my toe.

So Sunday I had another self defense/martial arts training session that lasted two and half hours. This week set some personal best as well. One PR I forgot to mention was wide weighted dips I managed to get 10 reps with an extra 60lbs.

Some future plans are Saturday a nice long martial arts seminar covering brazilian jui jut su, hapkido, and board breaking and Sunday is looking like a sprint/agility workout as well as an arm weight training day.

Happy Training!
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