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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Great Progress

Currently I'm weighing in at 174.2 (as of 3/19/2011) so I haven't made any big gains in the weight department, but in the strength department I'm doing work. It is a little puzzling though as my diet is the worst it has been in over two years and I'm in taking about 3400 calories a day. I'm almost always eating crap fast food, including fries which I don't normally do. If I'm looking to gain some weight I need to clean up my diet and in take probably around 3800-4000 calories to gain some serious weight. That is a challenge in it's self. It is almost impossible as any American knows to eat healthy, unless you prepare every meal. The problem is working about 20hrs (or more) and having 19 (plus 10 hours plus of school work)credits takes away that option for me. I'll have to make due with that I can until the semester is over.

The good news is I've set new personal best in almost everything.
Here are the recent new personal best since the beginning of March;

Barbell Squat- 305lbs 8 reps
Walking DB Lunges- 80lbs 8 reps each leg
Dumbbell Flat Bench- 90lbs 6 reps
Barbell Incline Bench- 190lbs 7 reps
Dumbbell Incline Bench- 75lbs 8 reps
Weighted Wide Dips- 85lbs 8 reps
Weighted Pull Ups- 45lbs 8 reps
One Hand Lat Pull Down- 120lbs 8 reps each arm
Dumbbell Shoulder Press- 65lbs 11 reps
One Hand Inverted Row- BW 12 reps

All Done at about 174.4lbs or less. So a lot of great thing in the strength arena. Now for the speed I've seen an overall increase in my 40 times as well.

Notice that all 40 times are hand timed. So there is plenty of room for error.
3/18/2011                                            For comparison
My 40 times                                January 2, 2010  March 20, 2010
1- 4.59 (bad start felt slow)         4.90                   4.78
2- 4.38 (felt the best out of all)    4.91                   4.72
3- 4.47 (tripped up a little)          4.75                    4.60
4- 4.56 (bad start)                      4.81                   4.65
5- 4.23 (felt good)                      4.84                   4.16
6-   -                                           -                        4.66 

AVG-4.44                                  4.84                   4.68 (doesn't count the 4.16)
Best of 3 Avg-4.36                      4.8                    4.64  (doesn't count the 4.16)

I disregard the 4.16 I ran on 3/20/2010 because nothing even broke a 4.6, but it was my best run of the day. I felt the fastest had the best start and it was definitely my fastest run of the day just the time is off. Now my friend that times me swears buy it but it just doesn't add up.

As for my recent times it is great to see much improvement from the same time last year. It looks like I have all of my speed back. I believe I've had it (at least most) back because my father told me last summer he thought I looked the fastest I ever had playing baseball. Which I can't argue as I went 21 for 21(3 running for the catcher and 2 went unrecorded except by me) with stolen bases in 27 games of my regular season in baseball. The first five games I didn't steal a base because I was still getting used to being on the field (first time since knee surgery), so I did all that damage in 22 games. 

I'm going to be taking some measurements in my standing broad jump, Long jump, vertical jump, 60 yard dash, hundred meter dash and 200m dash. as well as some NFL combine events such as the 20 and 60 yard shuttle run and the 3 cone drill. 

Some Goals I have right now for strength training is really to get as close to 10 reps at 225lbs on the bench press as possible. Weight Wise I'm hoping to be about 180lbs by the end of April.

At the end of April I'm going to be switching my workouts from more of strength training to more speed and explosiveness training. My weight workouts will focus more on endurance. Some goals I have for my endurance work,

20 reps at 105% of my BW on the Bench Press (about 185lbs)
20 reps at 150% of my body weight with the Squat (About 260lbs)
30 reps of Pullups 
50 reps of Inverted Rows 
20 reps of the Shoulder Press at about 75% of my Body Weight ( about 135lbs)

With the endurance work I'll be mixing in heavy weights as well and look to maintain my body weight while dropping my body fat percentage.

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