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Rest and Recovery

Recovery is an essential part to the lifting process and your weight gaining process. To achieve the best results you want to take the right amount of time to rest between sets, but also make sure you’re getting enough sleep at night, about 8 hours. Of course everyone is different 7 hours may be optimal for you, or 9. Your muscles grow when they are resting not when your weight training. Make sure your getting enough sleep or your muscles won’t have time to recover and you deffinitely won't see results.

You want to avoid over training, such as doing certain muscle groups too close together like doing chest two days in a row, sometimes even with a day between it might not be enough recovery time if you worked yourself hard. If you’re noticeably sore it is probably best to wait at least another day.

Nutrition is also a key point to recovery make sure getting the right amount of nutrients, calories and protein. Check out the nutrition page for more information.


Immediately After workouts you should static stretch your muscles to help with recovery and to keep/increase your flexibility. Also before you go to sleep you should again stretch this will help blood flow into your muscles bringing nutrients to recover. Continue you this the next day.

Recovery Shake

For my post work out drink I usually make a protein shake/smoothie. For my protein base I use EAS Whey protein chocolate. For a similar shake the protein doesn't need to be the same. I would recommend getting a normal 100% whey protein. Honestly the brand probably isn't that big of a deal. In the past I had used GNC 100% Whey Protein which is practically identical in ingredients to the EAS. The difference? GNC $60 EAS $27-30 at Sam's Club/BJ's

Ingredients are as follows
100% Whey Protein 78g (4 Scoops of EAS)
1 Medium Banana
Frozen Blueberries 1 cup (8oz)
Frozen Raspberries 1/2 Cup (4oz)
12oz of Milk (usually 1 or 2%)


First I cut up a banana into my blender, then put in my frozen blueberries and raspberries. Protein in next, followed by the 12 oz of milk,  Then I blend it up for about 30-45 seconds let it settle and repeat 2 more times.

Nutrition Facts for My Shake

Calories677Sodium463 mg
Total Fat8 gPotassium1459 mg
Saturated5 gTotal Carbs83 g
Polyunsaturated0 gDietary Fiber10 g
Monounsaturated0 gSugars49 g
Trans0 gProtein63 g
Cholesterol178 mg  
Vitamin A15%Calcium54%
Vitamin C38%Iron12%

This makes about 2 serving or a 24 oz shake. I would recommend drinking about half, one hr to a half hr before my workouts and the rest immediately after my workout. If you only want to drink one shake after a work out or randomly through out the day just cut the ingredients in half, except for milk use at least 8oz. I have carried shakes with me for 6 plus hrs usually for this I would add ice to the blender and after pouring full ice cubes. I would then store it in a refrigeration pouch I had in my Nike back pack which was handy.

If you'd like to add more calories a scoop of low fat yogurt/ice cream are options as well as peanut butter. I usually go with what is listed, but I would recommend customizing your shakes to fit your tastes/needs. Some other ingredients you may want to try are orange juice, cherries, mango, and kiwis. The options are pretty much endless. Just try to cram as much nutritional value into your shakes as possible to gain the maximum benefit.

It is essential to get recovery nutrition within 15 minutes of your workout; this will significantly decrease the amount of time for recovery according to Men’s Health articles online. While they recommend this I would imagine if your spacing your protein intake evenly over many small meals (6-7) a day it shouldn't matter much for recovery. The main thing you need to maximize recovery is optimal nutrition and rest. Your body doesn't care where it comes from. I usually do shakes because they taste good and are a quick and easy way to intake my calories.

Ideally you have a mixture of Whey (fast acting) and Casein (slow acting) proteins. Whey protein will flood your body quickly with healthy protein that will help rebuild those tiny tears in muscles cause by weight training, while casein will stay in your system for hours keeping a constant flow of protein into your blood stream to ensure recovery nutrients are always available.

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