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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On the Grind

So far so good with my workouts. Switching to the full body workouts has been tough, but I enjoy it. I'm weighing in at 166lbs even and I'm still sticking to my goal of 1-2lbs a week. So I'm expecting to get to my goal of between 185-190 sometime around the end if April or in May. It all depends if I can stay consistent.

Something that may hurt the likelyhood of that happening is the fact that I'm starting my last semester of college. I've pretty much wrapped up all of the classes I have to take so I'm trying to take it somewhat easy in my last semester, but only time will tell if that stands true. I say this because since I've started really focusing on working out my workout consistency really depended on how much school work I have. School and work are neccessities and come first so the main reason as to why my weight has been fluctuating so much is because of the extra time I have to put in with school.

Back to the workouts. I've switched to the full body workouts to really focus on sprints , plyometrics and balance training but I haven't been able to do one workout involving them because of the weather. Where I live we have had snow on the ground since the day after Christmas. Right now I don't have access to an indoor facility in which I can get those workouts done. Today we got another small storm that isn't helping. The forecast for this week also happens to be cloudy and high temperatures at the highest of around 30° all week, so that isn't helping. I'm considering switching back to my weight gain workouts until March and then switch back to full body and running.

We'll see...
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