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Friday, May 7, 2010

Finally My Second Post

A lot of time has passed since my last post so here is the update.
First there is good news and bad news;
Bad news- My workouts and eating habits declined significantly from about midterm this passed semester, leading to my overall weight to decrease to 170.4 lbs (as of May 7, 2010) down from about 180lbs. My bench press has also decreased with this loss of weight, luckily not much. I was crazy swamped with school work.
Good News- I kept most of my strength in all other aspects if not improved it(The first muscle to start to atrophy is normally your chest).  The knee is doing incredibly well as I am doing back and front flips again. I have one final left and I’m free from the bonds of school work until the fall semester. This gives me a chance to get back on track with my work out program and nutrition.
I have decided to go with a well know workout program for most of the summer, The P90X. I am perfectly happy with my own program and it has worked wonders for me and was continuing to do so up until mid point of the semester when I couldn’t keep up with it. Tony Horton’s program fell into my lap late in the semester and I’ve decided to give it a try.  
The P90X basically spoon feeds you everything about your goals and makes it easy to follow. I’m still going to be focused on gaining weight, especially since I have lost almost 10lbs since mid semester.
I’m using resistance bands for the work outs no dumbbells. I’ve only spent about $54 on equipment for the program and I have almost everything I need. I just plan on buying a weight vest for pull-ups, pushups, etc.
Obviously I’m not doing the program to lose weight. I’m doing it increase strength stamina, looks (it is summer time) and mostly try to get back to the athletic ability I had pre ACL tear. Tony Horton’s P90X claims to do all that, so here I am starting Monday May 10th. I’ll finish the program August 7th.
I plan on continuing this blog but also another one chronicle my P90X experience and also review it from an athlete’s point of view.
Here are my P90X pre test results;
MAX Pull ups- 20 reps
MAX Pushups- 52 reps
Toe touch- +6.5 inches (passed my feet)
MAX Time Wall Sit- 1 minute 20 seconds
Seated Bicep Curls 30lbs- 26 reps
MAX In and Outs - 95 Reps (and ab exercise)
Vertical Leap- 33.5 inches
40 yard Sprint time- 4.60
I’m fairly happy with the results of my pre test. 20 reps of pull ups is my personal best ever. I’m content with my other results, beside the wall sit I expected a better time, but hey that’s why I’m starting the program.
Wish me luck.

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