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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Good the Bad and the Ugly (again)

Well it seems I just can't catch a break...

The Good

Since my last post I continued to see gains in strength and post new personal best. My squat got up to 335lbs for 8 reps.. My DB Bench and Flat bench also improved I reached a personal best in March of 6 reps @ 90lbs on the DB Bench press as well as 235lbs for 7 reps on the barbell bench press. My gains have been similar in other areas as well. I am very happy with all my gains especially the strength as I only weighed between 170-175 at the time

The Bad and the Ugly

As the college semester came to a close as per usual my workouts began to dwindle as I dealt with all the school work I had to complete. After April 8th my workouts were down to about one a week a few weeks in there I got in two but basically only one. Recently towards the end of May they picked up some. And this week I have the most planned, but with a hurt ankle I haven’t done legs since April 28th (40 days) and it doesn’t look like until at least another week I’ll be back on track to start legs again, because…

On Mother’s Day (May 8th) I was playing in a rough touch football league. I was having a great game making some great plays until during one of those plays I destroyed my ankle. There was a jump ball and I jumped over the d-back and literally took the ball out of his hands, but when we both came down he fell into my legs and I landed directly on my ankle severely spraining it. I did all of the necessary protocol for ankle healing RICE and some physical rehabilitation exercise on my own, but there wasn’t much progress three weeks later. I visited my doctor and had my knee (2 year anniversary of surgery May 14th) and ankle checked out again. Knee was doing great as usual, but the ankle for whatever reason the swelling just won’t go down. So today over 4 weeks since the injury I’m still working to get my range of motion back as well as keep the swelling down. At 6 weeks from the date of injury I go back and see the doctor and if the problem persists I’ll be getting a cortisone shot to get the inflammation down. I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that as I’m working hard daily to stretch and have began a more intensive physical therapy program to help it along.

I’m also missing baseball games with this injury, which is frustrating, but just have to stay positive and work to get it better.

Not all is bad, as I have mentioned before I have had great progress in strength which I am very happy about. I’m looking into switching gyms to LA fitness which has many amenities my gym doesn’t have. As long as my ankle is recovering I’m going to continue working on my upper body strength. Once I return to baseball I’m going to work on more endurance and maintaining strength not so much of trying to gain as being sore will be counterproductive while on the diamond. So, hopefully in a week or so I’ll be switching to 2 full body sessions a week, one arm session, 2-3 running/agility/balance sessions and adding some distance running to my routines.

On another note I graduated from college, which is exciting, relieving and rewarding all at the same time. Takes a big weight off my shoulders and as per my health and fitness allows me to stay consistent for a while.

The last time I weighed myself a few weeks ago I was 175lbs. I’d like to get to stay around here for the rest of the summer and then try to get to 180 or 185 in the fall and stay there for a while.

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